I pride myself on being versatile, but there are a few kind of projects that I always find myself drawn to, and I believe that they can make a huge impact on your brand. Here are my favorite kind of projects, and the ones that my clients ask for the most. My recommendation is to find a way to use all three, but if you can’t do that, start at the top, and let’s get you the products that your business needs to succeed one step at a time.


Company Overview



Creating a company overview video is the first project I recommend when I start working with a new client. They are simple, meaningful, and often get more use than other projects. An overview video is just that, a birds-eye view of your business, where you get to tell people all of the things you would want them to know about what you do. This is a great place to highlight your mission statement or core values, share the story of how you got your start, and really invite people to join you in what you’re doing.



  • 3-6 Minute Video

  • 30-60 Second Social Media Teaser


Video Business Cards



Video Business Cards answer the Who, What, Why and How of you business. What are you? What do you do? Why do you do it? How are you different? The answers to these questions, combined with the personal relationships that you begin to foster just by being on camera for people to see, can instantly make you less of a commodity, and more of a boutique. Whether you’re a Realtor, Accountant, Photographer, or Dog Groomer, a video business card will help you stand out from the pack in the best way.



  • 1-3 Minute Video Business Card

  • 30 Second Social Media Teaser

  • Links to Embed in Your Website and Email Signature


Social Media Content



Social Media runs our lives these days, and if you’re not using it to create meaningful relationships with your customers, then you’re missing a huge opportunity for growth. With that being said, creating and curating a professional and unique social media feed can be time consuming, which is exactly why I offer a monthly social media service to take that off your plate. From creating the content to posting and creating analytics reports, I do it all so you can spend your time growing your business.



  • Content Creation

  • Post Scheduling

  • Strategy Consulting